Cornerstone Capital Advisors acts in a fiduciary capacity when giving investment advice.  We start with your personal circumstances and match investment portfolios to your unique needs. Our services uniquely combine goal planning, risk tolerance and personal preferences to develop our investment advice, and we continually update the progress of our client’s financial plans to assess whether changes in their investment portfolios are necessary. Investment Due Diligence Process

Cornerstone Capital Advisors’ Investment Committee implements your investment portfolio and asset classes using a rigorous due diligence process to ensure the investment options we select and maintain in your portfolio are of the highest asset quality.

Risk Management

The total amount of equity in your portfolio overall will determine your level of risk and reward in the long run. However, carefully planned combinations of various classes of stocks and bonds can lower your risk, even with the similar levels of exposure to the stock market. Valuation has always been the key to managing risk, and we continuously seek those classes of investments that have less risk potential and more reward potential. Because timing the stock market can be difficult, we emphasize the use of valuation in our strategy.

Tax Strategy

After-tax returns are what you can actually spend. Investing efficiently so that you pay the least amount of income taxes on your gains and income has always been part of our process.

Controlled Costs

Cornerstone Capital Advisors is an institutional investor, which provides us access to investment choices that are traditionally unavailable to retail investors. In many cases, these choices are lower in cost.