The AIFA® designation certifies that the recipient has advanced knowledge of fiduciary standards of care, their application to the investment management process, and procedures for assessing conformance by third parties to fiduciary standards.

There are five requirements for attaining the AIFA® credential.

  • Attain the AIF® designation
  • Enroll in and complete the AIFA® Training
  • Pass the AIFA® Assessment
  • A minimum of eight (8) years of relevant experience is required to attain the AIFA® credential. Relevant experience is that which has been accrued in a non-clerical role within the financial services (or a related) industry.
  • Submit the application and dues. Included in the application are sections to attest to both the Code of Ethics and Conduct Standards. The Code of Ethics consists of the tenets of ethical conduct expected of all credential holders, while the Conducts Standards pertain to any past criminal and civil litigation, regulatory events, and personal and professional conduct. AIFA® designees are required to complete a minimum of ten hours of Continuing Education (“CE”) per reporting period. The CE requirement  is effective immediately upon attainment of the AIFA® designation, and CE hours may be accrued from a variety of sources.