Our Fiduciary Services division assists businesses and non-for profit organizations with their employer sponsored retirement plans, endowments and other pools of assets. If you own a business or run a not-for-profit organization that sponsors a qualified retirement plan—a 401(k) or 403(b) plan, for instance—then you are a fiduciary. You are entrusted with retirement assets of your employees and with the power to protect their best interests in providing their retirement plan.

Employers who sponsor retirement plans have the responsibility of:

  1. Educating employees about investment options
  2. Providing investment options that are diversified
  3. Creating a plan that is good for the company owners and the employees
  4. Annually reviewing investment options
  5. Providing investment options that are reasonably priced

Cornerstone offers services that support your role as a retirement plan fiduciary. In fact, in delivering these services, Cornerstone takes on the role of a fiduciary representing your best interests. We ease your legal liability by ensuring you fulfill your responsibilities to your employees and we help you watch over your employees’ retirement assets.

We offer three advisory services for retirement plan sponsors:

  1. We assist you in developing your Investment Policy Statement and you delegate the selection, managing and monitoring or plan’s investment menu, this is a discretionary fiduciary service that removes the Trustees or Investment Committee from routine management of the Plan’s investments.
  2. We provide ongoing, regular advice on the plan’s Investment Policy, asset classes and investment options as well as specific consulting for vendor reviews, fees and expenses and employee education as desired. This is a non-discretionary fiduciary service.
  3. We assess how well you are fulfilling your responsibilities to employees in a Fiduciary Assessment engagement.

In providing any of the services above, we follow the Fiduciary Quality Management System developed by fi360 which is based on the ISO 9000 process of standardization.