women-and-wealth-page-pictureWomen in Transition

Women face many possible transitions during a lifetime: getting a first job, marriage, children, changing careers, divorce, caring for an aging parent, losing a spouse …. and the list goes on.  Some transitions are happy, some are sad, some are exciting, and some are scary.  But they all have at least one thing in common…they all have a financial component which requires you to make a variety of financial decisions.

While sound financial planning is generally beneficial for anybody, we are aware that financial changes in a woman’s life can be particularly stressful. Making important financial decisions can be challenging in the best of circumstances. During times of transition, the process of sorting out the financial side of life can become inherently more difficult.

We provide trustworthy professional support in a safe environment to women seeking financial guidance. Situations might involve…

  • Women facing divorce or recently divorced
  • Women suffering sudden loss of spouse / significant other (an individual with whom financial responsibilities have been shared)
  • Women experiencing lifestyle changes (such as a career change, relocation to new area, marriage, retirement, or other circumstances that present a significant change to her financial landscape)

Lisa Hay, CPA, CFP®, RICP®, AIF®, along with her team at Cornerstone Capital Advisors, specializes in working with women in transition.  She works with women of all ages and stages of life to coordinate and implement a financial plan and an estate plan that fits your unique situation. Lisa is committed to listening carefully to your concerns, while continually connecting with you throughout the relationship.

She will meet with you confidentially, develop a plan of action that is right for you, and guide you through the transitions of life.  Lisa serves as your advocate, interfacing and coordinating with other professionals on your behalf to deliver an integrated, focused experience and approach to life decisions.

This specialized offering helps create stability and peace of mind for many women undergoing transitions.

Our Caring, Unique, Refreshing Approach

You want your life to have meaning. You want balance. You want peace of mind.

We can help.

Cornerstone is a firm of integrity:  committed, credentialed, and experienced. Within our doors are warm, caring professionals who understand our clients.  We seek what truly matters to you. We are committed to our client’s best interests.

Our Commitment to You

First, we’ll listen intently.  We’ll help you identify and achieve your goals.

  • We’ll help you make wise financial decisions and avoid costly financial mistakes.
  • We’ll pursue smart and careful strategies to invest and manage your money wisely and diligently, because life — however simply lived — is costly. 
  • We’ll work hard to help you be as financially strong and free as possible.
  • We’ll seek to make a significant difference for you.  And lead you toward a richly satisfying, peaceful, life of love and joyful purpose.  

We seek to fill a special role in our client’s life  — for all their life.

Advisor.  Coach.  Mentor.  Friend.

Yes, it’s a big responsibility – and not one that we take lightly.

You will be making crucial decisions based on the level of trust, wisdom, and discernment of your financial advisor.  We hope that you will consider entrusting us with the privilege of presenting our unique and refreshing approach.

In order to determine if our firm can provide the services you require, your initial visit is complimentary. Please contact us at 330-896-6250 or 800-448-5319 to discuss whether we are a good fit for you.